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A little bit Austin; a little bit Kemptville, a lot of a good time!

Enjoy some of the best live music, well, anywhere at the Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill. Come on out and be entertained with tunes & songs, to listen close or to sing along at one of our popular open mic or Birthday Tribute events: it all sounds as good as the real Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, Cajun or Southern food favourites tastes... Our entertainment line up ranges from local talent to some big name headliners...watch this page to see what's coming up!



PLEASE CALL THE RESTAURANT (613-258-3737) TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT/TICKET.    Folks who come in for dinner will be given priority for seating and tables...


PLEASE NOTE: we are closed for PRIVATE FUNCTIONS this Wednesday AND Thursday evening, December 17 and 18

Friday 19 ~ Christo Graham, indie-folk, 9pm, $8

Saturday 20 ~ No music, SOLD OUT for dinner

Sunday 21 ~ Christmas Carol Sing-along and food drive and fundraiser for the Sally Ann, 2-8pm 'pay what you can, pay with a can' 

CLOSED DECEMBER 22-26, We apologize for any inconvenience

Saturday 27 ~ John Carroll, roots/blues, 9pm, $10***

Sunday 28 ~ Bruce Enloe and The Burning Sensations (and Open Mic), 3-6pm, Rubber Boots Buffet, 2-8pm

Wednesday 31 ~ NYE featuring Sin and Swoon*** Reserve Now:  ticket includes the music, a 5-course dinner paired with local wines, champagne toast at midnight, Cocktail hour at 7pm, $85/person (always sells out, don't procrastinate!)


Thursday 1 ~ Hair Of The Dog Open Stage, 8th annual! Hosted by John and Terry Brewer, Rubber Boots Buffet, 2-8  

CLOSED JANUARY 2-6, we apologize for any inconvenience

Friday 9 ~ GT and The Earthtones, roots, 9pm, $7

Saturday 10 ~ Please Spring!  8pm, tip jar 

Thursday 15 ~ E.B. Anderson and Chris 'Mojo' Martin, 8pm, tip jar show

Friday 16 ~ Zachary Lucky, 9pm, $12

Saturday 17 ~ The Steamers, 9pm, $5

Friday 23 ~ David Dino White, 9pm, $10

Saturday 24 ~ The Slow Century, featuring Aedan Helmer and Ben Mullin of Barn/ Steve Gaw opens, 9pm, $5

Friday 30 ~ Steve Judd and The Underdogs, 9pm, $10

Saturday 31 ~ Eddy and the Stingrays, 9pm, $20***


Friday 6 ~ Low Country Hill

Saturday 7 ~ Pie Plates, bluegrass

Saturday 14 ~ Don Reid, Jazz piano

Friday 20 ~ Levi Cuss, 9pm, tip jar

Saturday 21 ~ The Marrieds

Friday 27 ~ Ron Leary

Saturday 28 ~ Bryce Jardine, 9pm, $8


Friday 6 ~ Tom Savage, 9pm, $10

Saturday 7 ~ Ross Nielson

Friday 13 ~ Cory Coons

Friday 20 ~ Dave Gunning, 9pm, $22.50***

Saturday 21 ~ Hannah Shirah Naiman

Friday 27 ~ Ginger St. James, 9pm, $10


Friday 3 ~ Charlie Sohmer, Fred Guignon, 8pm

Saturday 4 ~ County Road 5, bluegrass

Saturday 11 ~ Slocan Ramblers, 9pm, $25***

Friday 17 ~ Ali McCormick

Friday 24 ~ Chris McClean


Friday 15 ~ Jesse Parent, 8pm, tip jar

Saturday 16 ~ Bay, Black and Roan

Friday 29 ~ WinnieBrave


Friday 12 ~ Craig Cardiff, 9pm, $20***

Friday 20 ~ Sweet Alibi***
bolded artists are on tour from outside our region
***advance tickets strongly recommended

Music This Week:

Friday 19 ~ Christo Graham, casio-coustic/folk/soul/muppet, 9pm, $8.  Seems like all our favourite folks come home for the holidays and grace our stageless stage… next Friday, Christo Graham is back!  Christo, for the uninitiated, did thisthis and this in the last year or so.  The first of those three things, a fully realized ‘Muppet Christ Superstar’ landed him in a viral firestorm with mentions everywhere from Slate to the New York Magazine… He has completed at least 7 or 8 albums at the ripe young age of 21 and, at this rate, by my reckoning, will probably have 2 or 3 more available by next Friday, so come down and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!

Saturday 20 ~ no music, the evening is sold out for dinner, may still be some bar availability, please call ahead, 613-258-3737.

Sunday 14 ~ Christmas Carol Sing-along and Turkey Dinner buffet in support of The Salvation Army Food Bank, 2-8pm; 'pay what you can, pay with a can.'  Everyone is welcome!

Coming Up:

Saturday, December 27, John Carroll, roots-blues, 9pm, $10.  I am always challenged when writing about John Carroll, our musical guest appearing on the Saturday after Christmas… He is a complicated man… I try to sell him as one the best musicians in the area, which he is, and I try to sell him as one of the best entertainers in the area, which he also is (and yes, they are different things… trust me…) I also always want to acknowledge that I consider him a friend and that his input and advice has been a big part of what makes music at the Branch great… Which is also all true… But here’s the thing… I usually start to write all that out and then I picture John giving me shit about it my sentimental tone and then I write something silly that futilely attempts to capture the essence of his character… Like the time I offered free guacamole to anyone who came to see him, or the numerous times I strung together 10-20 oddball adjectives to attempt to divulge while not quite divulging that he was the Frank of The Frank and Birdie Show… The point is, I don’t know how to capture this guy with words, he is too elusive, too fleeting, too unique… I mean, he wrote one of the sweetest most sentimental songs I know: Silver Lining, seriously!  Go listen! …and he also wrote this, what is likely the most hilarious fully realized Christmas songs of all time: The Night Before The Night Before Christmas.  So, with all that being said, I think, maybe, at the end of the day, it turns out that my best bet is to let him speak for himself… No one does John Carroll like John Carroll.  We will see you on December 27!  

Sunday, December 28, Bruce Enloe and The Burning Sensations and Open Mic, 3-6pm, Rubber Boots Buffet 2-8pm.  The full band will be out for Chef Bruce's last Open Mic hosting day, come on feel the noize!

New Years’ Eve:

Sin and Swoon: Local (Osgoode) kid Mike O'Brien is one of the most accomplished musicians in Canada... In addition to recording my favourite roots/indie/jazz/canadiana/scary-monster-song-including albums by anyone anywhere (Cockfight, 2006), he has spent the last decade in Montreal getting better and better at fingerstyle guitar and becoming one of the most sought after sidemen in that notoriously competitive world class music scene... Enter Antigonish, Nova Scotia’s Michelle Tompkins, a vocal ace who keeps up with Mike on the curves and races ahead in the straightaway, (seriously, I've heard her bending notes that you didn't think could bend... ) Together Mike and Michelle are 'Sin and Swoon' a guitar and harmony duo performing both classic covers and some darn near perfect original tunes.  Here's the official: "They love George and Tammy, old time country music, and the harmony singing of the Louvin Brothers and the Delmore Brothers. Recently featured on “The Vinyl Café with Stuart Maclean” on CBC radio and NPR; these two just keep getting better!"

The Menu for this "once in a lifetime annual event" is posted on the home page, and, as noted, is also designed to be paired with the wines of our favourite new local winery Jabulani Wines…  it also includes a Champagne toast at midnight... I don't want to oversell it, but between you and me, this is the best food of the year; in addition to pulling out all the stops in the days and weeks before the event, we actually come up with little ideas all year long and set aside treats we know will make it even more special... I guess that what I'm trying to say is that we have so much fun with this one that you can actually taste it!

Tickets are $85 ($65, food/Champagne; $20, music). This event has a single seating; 7pm cocktail hour, with a five-course dinner to follow and the tickets are already starting to sell-- FYI; this event always sells out, so please, don't wait!  Reserve your seats today!

Friday, January 9 ~ GT and The Earthtones, 9pm, $7.  This roots-inspired organic band from Almonte has been sharing its good time sounds up and down the Ottawa Valley and is excited to play The Branch. Fronted by singer-songwriter George Turcotte, the boys bring their unique blend of folk, country, roots and blues to your doorstep with melody-driven tunes featuring banjo, ukuleles, lap steal, double bass and drum kit. If you like the sounds of Blue Rodeo, you'll love GT & The Earthtones!

Saturday, January 10 ~ Please Spring! 8pm, $5 suggested. "Please Spring!" can be interpreted as a humorous reference to the harshness of Berlin's winter or resound as the necessity felt by these two young musicians to return to their primary musical influences. Literally a return to basics. 

Héloïse Lefebvre, who trained as a classical musician, and Paul Audoynaud, who found his musical roots in Rock met in the heart of France, while studying Jazz at the Conservatory of Tours.

Meeting at the cross roads of several genres, this project functions as an experimental workshop in which the combined talents of both composers create a fusion of melodic efficiency, with Pop/Rock energy and the elegance of Chamber Music with a certain harmonic sophistication stemming from Jazz.

The result of this genuine approach is a kind of Folk Music with impressionistic accents in which - in a cinematographic way - every tune tries to depict a world of its own.

Let yourselves be transported in a sonic imagination and wander through a timeless, intriguing, sometimes surprising landscape.