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A little bit Austin; a little bit Kemptville, a lot of a good time!

Enjoy some of the best live music, well, anywhere at the Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill. Come on out and be entertained with tunes & songs, to listen close or to sing along at one of our popular open mic or Birthday Tribute events: it all sounds as good as the real Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, Cajun or Southern food favourites tastes... Our entertainment line up ranges from local talent to some big name headliners...watch this page to see what's coming up!



PLEASE CALL THE RESTAURANT (613-258-3737) TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT/TICKET.    Folks who come in for dinner will be given priority for seating and tables...

Weeknight music: Wednesdays come out to hear Chef Bruce and Friends at 8pmThursdays, (unless noted otherwise) enjoy the instrumental slide guitar of the mysterious and legendary Frank Western... Tip jar shows.


Thursday 16 ~ Jon Brooks, 8pm, $20***

Friday 17 ~ Ali McCormick, Dom DeLuca & Rae Corcoran, 8pm, tip jar show

Saturday 18 ~ Mayhemingways, alt country-Cajun-bluegrass-roots, 9pm, $7

Sunday 19 ~ Amanda's Slip Open Stage Anniversary, hosted by John and Terry Brewer, 2-6pm

Thursday 23 ~ Bruce Enloe and The Burning Sensations--CD RELEASE SHOW!, 8pm, $8

Friday 24 ~ Chris MacLean trio, folk, 9pm, $15

Saturday 25 ~ Astrid Young and Friends, folk, 9pm, $15***

Sunday 26 ~ Open Mic hosted by Matty McKechnie, 3-6pm


Friday 1 ~ Ken Tizzard Trio, 9pm, $12.50

Saturday 2 ~ Mike Edel + Towers and Trees, 9pm, $10

Friday 8 ~ Ariana Gillis, 9pm, $15***

Saturday 9 ~ Buckledown, 9pm, $12

Friday 15 ~ Jesse Parent, 8pm, tip jar

Saturday 16 ~ Bay, Black and Roan, 9pm, $10

Friday 22 ~ Annie Sumi, 9pm, $7

Thursday 28 ~ J.P. Cormier, 8pm, $25***

Friday 29 ~ WinnieBrave, tip jar

Saturday 30 ~ Lynn Jackson and Slo Tom, 9pm, $6


Thursday 4 ~ Oh Susanna (with Jim Bryson), 8pm, $25***

Friday 5 ~ Craig Cardiff, 9pm, $20***

Saturday 6 ~ Bella Borealis, cd release show

Friday 12 ~ Sleepwalk Plaza

Saturday 13 ~ EB Anderson, 9pm, $10

Friday 19 ~ Keith Glass Trio

Saturday 20 ~ Sweet Alibi, 9pm, $15***

Friday 26 ~ Carolyn Mark


Saturday 4 ~ Paug Lake Road

Friday 10 ~ Low Country Hill

***Shows marked with asterisks are expected to sell out, we recommend calling ahead to insure a ticket.

Bolded Artists are on tour from outside of the Kemptville/Ottawa area

Music This Week: 

Weeknight Music-- Chef Bruce and friends (hey, that's me!) will be playing every Wednesday for a while, 8pm start... Here's some samples from the new (upcoming) album: link.  Thursday: (not every week... call to check) come hear the dulcet instrumental slide and lap steel guitar tones of the mysterious and wonderful Frank Western7pm... (Wednesday and Thursday are tip jar shows).

Thursday 16 ~ Jon Brooks, 9pm, $20. “I write songs to calm those who’ve looked into, and seen, what is in their hearts. I also write songs to terrify those who have not.” -- Jon Brooks

It was in 1997, at 28 years old, and at the end of a year of travelling throughout Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and particularly, throughout war ruined Bosnia-Herzegovina – it was during this time Jon discovered what kind of song he wanted to write. In 2006 he began singing that song. In 2014 Borealis Records released his 5th album, The Smiling and Beautiful Countryside. Jon is Kerrville New Folk Winner and a three-time “Songwriter of the Year” nominee at the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

The Smiling and Beautiful Countryside crashes the folk/roots party in late 2014 with a death count of 75. It’s an album of rural Canadian murder ballads and was recorded in Toronto by well-awarded and oft-acclaimed producer/engineer, David Travers-Smith. Jon’s 5th full length release is an intrepid solo set that defies categorization and resists any ‘folk,’ ‘singer-songwriter,’ or ‘solo acoustic’ description. Equal parts local Canadiana and universal horror, this is a collection that has buried all the trademark Jon Brooks social commentary in a shallow, roadside grave. Philosophical paradox, gallows humour, impossible love, titillating gore, adulterous sex, serial killers, gun dealers, rampage killing, missing women, First Nations catastrophe, necrophilia, Shakespeare, and John Milton: The Smiling and Beautiful Countryside is neither an album for casual fans nor is it music that will ever be heard in your dentist’s waiting room. Why record such a violent set of songs? In Jon’s words, “because: a) I wanted to write an album from which nobody indifferently escapes, an album that can only be loved or hated; b) if courage is a muscle, it needs to be exercised with a healthy dose of fear today; and c) I’ve already done four albums that inspire: it’s now time to offend.”


“(Brooks) speaks and sings words that need to be spoken and sung and he does it beautifully, perfectly, and with absolute finesse.” - Rod Kennedy, Founder and Producer of The Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX

“Brooks stands among an exalted few in the enduring Canadian song tradition – Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Bruce Cockburn – as a lyricist, composer and performer with a fierce commitment to his craft and his vision.” - Greg Quill, The Toronto Star 

“He is by turns metaphorical and metaphysical; at times he examines the small details of life, at others, he soars above human struggles seeking something higher; his gritty voice is infinitely kind and gentle. Mature, wise, and intrepid – somehow Jon Brooks sings a path to the mysterious and complex essence of the human condition.” - Julie Miller, CFLX 95,5 Sherbrooke, PQ

“Political songwriting’ is all too often assumed to be shouty simplistic protest, and all too often it is and therefore tends to be ignored…Brooks knows this and his songs are songs first and messages second…a powerful and at times brutally clear-sighted vision armed only with an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and a gritty ragged voice…Brooks is a star in the making.” – Maverick Magazine, UK

Friday 17 ~ Ali McCormick, Dom DeLuca, Rae Corcoran, 8pm, tip jar show ($10 suggested). Three Canadian voices share a night; Ali McCormick was born and raised in the Lanark Highlands deep within the Ottawa Valley, this Canadian songstress got her start in music around the kitchen table at a very young age. Ali McCormick's songs are a reflection of her rural upbringing; songs about dad selling the tractor, bears on bicycles and motorcycles that won’t start unless you roll them down a hill in gear. About to embark on a tour of the Western Provinces, Ali will be playing one of her favorite listening rooms on April 17th @ the Branch w/ her new found friend Matty McKechnie of GRAVEN.
You can check out what Ali gets up to here:

Also appearing:
Rae Corcoran:
"I'm just a little person
One person in a sea
Of many little people
Who are not aware of me"

-Jon Brion 

Rae is AMAZING! Ali met Rae last year at a show in Kingston. They've since become great ole pals. You just gotta hear this girl, she has quite the sound!

Dom De Luca
Diving into singer-songwriter waters back in 2008, Dom De Luca has worked hard and, as a result, has enjoyed a fair bit of success along the way. His first record, “Birds of Worry”, nabbed him an invite to the In the Dead of Winter Music Festival in Halifax in 2009. His 2nd record, “A Bell I Gotta Ring”, earned him more radio play and a place on a few Canadian College charts. Now, with his 3rd record, “Hosers and Bad Bad Beer”, ready to drop in the fall of 2014, De Luca has already earned another feather for his cap as the catchy/goofy first single, “(He Thinks He's the) Only True Canadian” recently won Folk Music Ontario's Songs From the Heart competition in the sub category of humour. Introspective, romantic, with a lighter side too, Dom De Luca let's it all shine through on songs that range from blunt yet witty put downs of backward thinkers to heart on his sleeve offerings. More on Dom can be found here: http://www.domdeluca.com/

Saturday 18 ~ Mayhemingways,  9pm, $7.  Mayhemingways are an alt-country, bluegrass, and Cajun music duo from the musical hotbed of Peterborough, Ontario. Their music drifts timelessly between traditional music and something brand new. Benj Rowland sings lead vocals and plays numerous instruments including accordion, banjo, guitar, and foot pedal bass. Josh Fewings adds back-up vocals and percussion. Their sound is full and so is their touring resume, having toured as far west as Dawson City, Yukon twice and numerous times to the Maritimes and Newfoundland. The duo recently released their first self-titled EP, recorded by James McKenty who has worked with great Canadian acts like Blue Rodeo, The Sadies, Cuff the Duke, Gordon Pinsent, and many more. Their music fits in many settings, from quiet house concerts to big festivals.

Mayhemingways are ‘give it to ya straight’ type of dudes. They play music of long-established country foundation at times infused with heavier psychedelic vibes and obvious visions of a rock n roll horizon. Appealing to any age, this music is fun, danceable, deep and thoughtful. This music tells a story of heartache, travel and landscape, and the turmoil of being simple men in a computer age. Playing country music is their business, and they toe the line. Mayhemingways all currently reside in Peterborough Ontario. MAYHEMINGWAYS are: Josh Fewings: Drums. A solid member of the band, was a member of The Avenues, a roots/country band that toured Canada from 09-12. He knows where it’s at. Benj Rowland: Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar/Accordion/Banjo. Previously, a member of The County Boys, The Kindness Killers and The Avenues, Mayhemingways is Benj’s brainchild. He walks the walk, with heavy boots.

Sunday 19 ~ Amanda's Slip Open Stage Anniversary hosted by John and Terry Brewer, 2pm, open 2-8pm.  For those of you new to the Branch, Sundays are our 'Rubber Boots', or, our 'casual' day... On the food front, things have changed a little this year, instead the full buffet we are offering a smaller version with a selection of soups and salads, all you can eat, for just $9.99. We are also now offering our popular BBQ Bonanza Special all afternoon and evening--here's how that works: for just $15.99, you can choose between 6 oz. of our signature house-smoked BBQ beef brisket or a choice of light or dark meat roasted chicken (with even more choices from time to time), or any combination of the above, it comes with coleslaw, mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce!  If you try the BBQ, the soup and salad buffet is only $4.99.  We are also offering a pared down version of our regular menu as well as a kid's menu & a selection of our house-made desserts!  In the same way that the open mic welcomes all types of musicians, the atmosphere is casual and fun and welcomes all types of everyone, whether you come to listen or to perform; it's a great day to meet new folks, come in for a $6 Beau's on draft (or two!) a pot of tea, some munchies and BBQ, make some friends, enjoy your downtown on a Sunday afternoon.  We'd love to see you this Sunday!  

The Open Mic this Sunday is a classic-- John and Terry Brewer practically invented it, locally anyway, in April some 13 years ago(!)... Back then, the couple hosted the Open Stage on one Sunday a month  at the predecessor in our location (Amanda's Slip) for years; and then for many more years here at the Branch-- Although semi-retired from the the hosting gig, the two still make a few appearances a year and at this one, the anniversary, lots of the old gang gets together for what usually ends up being quite an event-- Many local musicians (including me!) got their start locally sharing John and Terry's famous Open Stage, and the tradition continues with lots of new faces joining the fold every year... Come be one of them!  

Coming up:

Thursday, April 23 ~ Bruce Enloe and The Burning Sensations, 'Unseasonably Cool' CD Release show, 8pm, $8.  (written by Matty McKechnie) 

Ever heard of a rock n’ roll chef?

You might not know it, but when he’s not designing delectably local and organic dishes at The Branch, Bruce Enloe is one of the most prolific, poignant and ponderous songwriters going. A man of many troubadour stories, Bruce has traveled a long way to get to North Grenville - and whether he’s spinning vivid memory yarns of California or Texas, his new record Unseasonably Cool paints many pictures of humourous and heart-rending lessons of lost youth, growing pains and revelatory truth.

Doubling the efforts of his first live-off-the-floor Bonfire album, Unseasonably Cool is a studio-born baby that was raised at the caring hands of many talented friends and musicians of the Kemptville area. The song styles are as varied as Bruce’s life journey, as tracks like Don’t Burn Your Bible head to a plucky, open-range of Bluegrassy twang, while Chance To Explain sounds like it could be a lost jangle-rock Wilco or Dinosaur Jr. b-side. In the same breath, Peter Murphy plays like a synth-pop, new wave nod to Depeche Mode, and the stark, melodic Mother Earth-griever God Particle blasts off out of the sound atmosphere in a very David Bowie-esque manner. Righteous and rocking at times, but soulful and subdued at others, this is an album that never stops moving and working – much like Bruce, himself.

“Our experiments ending up taking my songs as a guide and using them to test the waters of everything from power pop, acid rock, old time, blues driven soul, to indie rock, cosmic country, folk rock and even a tip of the hat to new wave pop...”

Unseasonably Cool is Bruce’s most rich and daring release to date, as the songs represent pins on a map of his life – almost as if he’s taking you on a journey through his record collection from childhood to manhood. But when he’s not hand-leading us through the mosaic of his musical mind, he’s also letting the listener into his soft core with heartstring-tugging, home-hitting love ballads like Me And Nicole. With eight (and sometimes nine) people that make up the sprawling sound of the Burning Sensations, Bruce’s full-band live performances are a stunning sensory experience for everyone in attendance. Featuring members of Fiddlehead Soup, Brad Sucks, Graven, Uncle Sean And The Shifty Drifters and many more locally flavoured acts, Bruce’s sonic support system is fairly epic. If there’s a show you don’t want to miss at the Branch this year, this is the one.

“For this showcase, on the evening of Thursday, April 23, we will perform the new album live from beginning to end for the first time as a full band; with the first hard copies of the CD on sale as well... Tickets for the show are $8 and the CD will be $15, but for the night of the show, $20 will buy both the ticket and a CD!! Reservations, as always, are recommended, and, naturally, I can personally vouch for the food if you'd like to grab a bite before the show as well ;) - call the restaurant, 613-258-3737 to reserve your spot today!” - Bruce

May 8 ~ Ariana Gillis, 9pm, $15. She's back!  Book ahead for what is sure to be a fantastic show...
"Ariana Gillis may be the best new emerging 
artist anywhere, PERIOD!"
Dave Marsh, best selling author, former music critic of __
Rolling Stone Magazine & Creem Magazine
That's all for now, thanks for reading!

June 4 ~ Oh Susanna and Jim Bryson, 8pm, $25.  Holy Moly!

June 5 ~ Craig Cardiff, 9pm, $20.