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A little bit Austin; a little bit Kemptville, a lot of a good time!

Enjoy some of the best live music, well, anywhere at the Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill. Come on out and be entertained with tunes & songs, to listen close or to sing along at one of our popular open mic or Birthday Tribute events: it all sounds as good as the real Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, Cajun or Southern food favourites tastes... Our entertainment line up ranges from local talent to some big name headliners...watch this page to see what's coming up!


This week: 

Wednesday September 2nd ~ Bruce Enloe & Friends, 8pm, tip jar

Thursday September 3rd ~ Liz Stringer, 8pm, $10

This August and September, Australia's Liz Stringer embarks on her first North
American tour. Hailing from the live music mecca of Melbourne, Stringer has become
one of the country's most respected musicians and singer-songwriters over her
relatively short but fruitful career. In addition to performing at major festivals and
touring extensively around the country, she has become a sought-after instrumentalist
and collaborator with some of the shining lights of the Australian entertainment scene
including Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything), Mia Dyson, and many more.
Since the release of her first album ‘Soon’ in 2006, Melbourne-based singersongwriter
Liz Stringer has carved out a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected
and critically acclaimed songwriters and performers. She has recorded and released
four studio albums, with her latest, 2012’s ‘Warm In The Darkness’, being shortlisted
for the Australian Music Prize and named ‘Album of the Year’ by Brian Wise of RRRfm
Melbourne and Rhythms Magazine.
In October 2014, Liz released a live solo album and DVD, ‘Live at The Yarra’.
Recorded and filmed at the iconic Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford, the release received
significant critical acclaim (including making Triple J Roots and All’s ’10 best albums
of 2014’ list), and led to sold out shows on a 15-date solo tour around Australia,
immediately followed by a support slot on The Waifs’ national tour.
Highly respected by her peers as a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Liz has
collaborated with many artists including Mick Thomas, Damian Cowell (TISM), Van
Walker, Suzannah Espie and Mia Dyson. She is one third of the power trio Dyson
Stringer Cloher, collaborating with friends and contemporaries Mia Dyson and Jen
Cloher, who undertook a 35 date Australian tour at the end of 2013, earning the title of
‘Best Live Gig of 2013’ from the Rhythms Magazine readers poll, and followed up with
appearances at Blues Fest and Queenscliff Festival in 2014. Liz is also a member of the
critically acclaimed Livingstone Daisies, along with Van and Cal Walker and Michael
A passionate advocate of independent music and extensive regional touring, Liz has
become a favourite among punters across Australia for her generous and engaging
stage demeanour and her skill as a songwriter.
Not content with conquering the local scene, Liz has recently toured in Germany,
Austria and the Netherlands, and was officially showcased at the Folk Alliance
International Conference in Kansas City, USA in February 2014. Liz is heading to Type
Foundry Studios in Portland, Oregon to record her next album with producer Adam Selzer (Decemberists, Darren Hanlon, Jolie Holland) in mid 2015.

Friday September 4th ~ Bryce Jardine (ft. Derek Harrison), 8pm, tip jar
After nine years in a band, songwriter Bryce Jardine, made the decision to go solo. He quit his warehouse job, moved into his sister’s apartment while she was away on a long-term business assignment, and worked for the next eight months on a number of songs that had been, “driving me crazy”. Guitar in hand, he wrote relentlessly, often through the night, on images and melodies that would eventually become his debut album, The Kids Are Gone.

“I tried to make music that reflected who I am, where I grew up, and the people I’ve known. Rather than having all the answers, I was more concerned with just asking the questions that most of us ask at the pivotal times in our lives, Who am I? Where am I going? And what could I possibly have to offer?  I believe honesty and simplicity resonate within all of us. I had been posturing in song as well as my personal life; it was time for that long hard look in the mirror. Like so many young men, I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t – tough, knowledgeable, confident, wise in the ways of the world – while usually recovering from the last piss-up. Unable to pretend any longer, unable to hold on… I let go. The tower of bravado and self-deception, built on a foundation of bullshit, came tumbling down. This album is the soundtrack of a young man wandering through the rubble of broken dreams in pursuit of something, anything real. These songs have given me a remarkable sense of hope.”

Bryce grew up in a household that was no stranger to illness – ever since he can remember, his father has had a chronic neurological disease which can be life threatening.

“We’ve been through many scares, which have put my dad in the hospital seemingly every year; it’s a source of great anxiety. My world, my sense of security, could change in an instant.”

In the track, Death In Life, Bryce salutes the boy in the window with the big blue eyes.

“I was a young kid, riding in the back seat of my parents’ car, headed west on a road trip, listening to Neil Young. My forehead pressed against the window, my mind miles above in the clouds, a “feeling” came over me, then just as quickly as it came, it passed. As a student, I got more than my fair share of criticism for “not being present”. The kid riding in the car could not have understood the depth of Neil’s lyrics, a simple and powerful message I still carry with me. “I’ll always be a dreamin’ man, I don’t have to understand, I know it’s alright.” Something in me came alive that day. I’ve been chasing that elusive feeling ever since.”

Peer conformity, the suppression of self, a foreboding sense of sudden change, embracing dreams – these ideas are all central to Jardine’s songs. He is quick to acknowledge that none of these songs would have been fully realized if it hadn’t been for the enormous contributions of several remarkable musicians.

“I found Derek Downham (The Beauties, Six Shooter Records) via the internet, and decided he would be the right man to produce the record. He had a certain fire in his eyes, and in the studio he was the most intensely talented musician I’d ever met. Derek taught me more in six weeks of pre-production than I had learned in the last six years. He also brought in his colleagues who made tremendous, valuable contributions. Juno Award Winner, Serena Ryder, lends her gorgeous voice to two songs and Aaron Goldstein (City and Colour) applied his amazing talents on pedal steel.”

Saturday September 5th ~ Sex & Summer, 8pm, tip jar
Kristen Brutto is back on the scene with a vengeance! After a relaxing year on the west coast, she has returned to Northern Ontario with a mysterious book of songs and a shiny new toy -The Korg Kross Workstation keeps the Indie dream alive as the fourth member of the otherwise 3 piece band Sex & Summer. 
With : 
Brutto on lead vocals, keys and the occasional guitar, 
Ryan Mcintosh (of the Mcintosh apple family, I must add) on lead guitar, bass and vocals, and 
Rob Harris (musician +engineer + creator of Tasty Records) on drums, 
Sex & Summer brings all of that salt and sweetness together into a treat as satisfying as chocolate covered peanuts.(But with only 3 members - less calories)

Sex & Summers new EP entitled Copied and Pasted will be coming out in the summer (2015). This will be Brutto's 6th album. (The 5th was I Get So Oh! with band My Cousin Karma which landed them an opening spot for Carly Rae Jepson in 2013.) She has also been featured on the albums of various artists with her written lyrics,vocals and harmonies, some of which include The Explanation ('The Circuit") and Toronto's Scarecrow Voyage ("Hope", "Diamonds", Without Faces"," Pain")

Feeling very fortunate to have played at some of Ontario's finest music establishments, Brutto is taking some of that luck and fortune back on the road with Sex & Summer for a Cross Canada tour to promote the new album and upcoming music video. 
You can keep up with Kristen on the new S & S Fb page - facebook.com/sex and summer. There, you can find up and coming dates and info on the rockin' original show dates as well as the 'Summery' side of S & S , which follows their acoustic act as well.

Sunday September 6th ~ Open Mic hosted by Carey Graham, 3pm until 6pm



PLEASE CALL THE RESTAURANT (613-258-3737) TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT/TICKET.    Folks who come in for dinner will be given priority for seating and tables...



Thursday 3 ~ Liz Stringer, 8pm, $10 suggested

Friday 4 ~ Bryce Jardine & Derek Harrison, 8pm, $10 suggested

Saturday 5 ~ Sex & Summer, 9pm

Friday 11 ~ Chris Angel, 8pm, $5 suggested

Saturday 12 ~ The Slow Century, 9pm

Wednesday 15 ~ James Gray, 8pm, $5

Friday 18 ~ Marta Pacek & Graham Greer, 9pm, $10***

Friday 25 ~ Hank's Hangover, 9pm

Saturday 26 ~ Billygrass (ft. Charlie Sohmer), 9pm, $10


Friday 2 ~ Red Moon Road, 9pm

Saturday 3 ~ Trevor Alguire, 9pm, $15

Thursday 8 ~ Jon Brooks, 8pm

Friday 9 ~ Ian Reid, 9pm

Saturday 10 ~ Lucas Haneman, 9pm

Friday 16 ~ Steve Parisien, 9pm

Thursday 22 ~ Whisky Legs, 8pm

Friday 23 ~ Jack Pine and the John Punch Band, 9pm

Saturday 24 ~ The Noisy Locomotive, 9pm

Thursday 29 ~ Daniel Champagne, 8pm

Friday 30 ~ Lynne Hanson & the Good Intentions, Murder Album Release, 9pm, $15

Saturday 31 ~ HALLOWEEEN ~ Musical Guest TBA.


Friday 6 ~ Meaghan Blanchard, 9pm

Saturday 7 ~ Brad Sucks, 9pm***

Friday 13 ~ The Visit, 9pm

Saturday 14 ~ Ginger St. James, 8pm, $15***

Thursday 19 ~ Slow Leaves, 8pm

Saturday 21 ~ Nudie, 9pm, $10

Friday 27 ~ Manitoba Hal, 9pm

Saturday 28 ~ Eddy and the Stingrays, 9pm, $20***

NEXT YEAR (2016):

Friday April 8th, 2016 ~ Craig Cardiff, 9pm

Friday October 28th, 2016 ~ Claude Bourbon, 9pm, $10


***Shows marked with asterisks are expected to sell out, we recommend calling ahead to ensure a ticket.

Bolded Artists are on tour from outside of the Kemptville/Ottawa area